The History of YLG Bullion Singapore Pte Ltd.

YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd was established after the tremendous success of Yoo Lim Gold Factory Co., Ltd , a manufacturer and exporter of genuine gold and gemstone jewelry with operational experience in the global markets since 1993.
With the vision of the management team who saw the huge potential in domestic trading of gold bullion for purposes of investment, a hedge against inflation and portfolio diversification, YLG Bullion International Co., Ltd was found in 2003 to import and export 99.99% purity gold bars from leading brands across the globe e.g. Perth Mint from Australia, Johnson Matthey from Hong Kong, Argor, Heraeus, Valcambi from Switzerland and Mitsubishi from Japan certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which is recognized around the world as”London Good Delivery”.
With the expansion of its gold business operations, YLG’s philosophy was “simple, to become the #1 gold business in Asia” by being a fully integrated physical gold exchange centre with a wide array of comprehensive products and services for trade and investment to accommodate all those from the general customers to the institutional investors.

    In 2013, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and it became a double celebration with YLG becoming  the NO. 1 BIGGEST GOLD BULLION THAILAND TRADER WITH 800 BILLION THB IN 2012. We have been developing a one-stop solution for gold trading and investment for both physical gold and gold spot trading , offered 24 hours a day

From the great success in the Thai market, the management feels that they should not limit YLG’s service to the domestic market and  expand abroad to provide the same excellent service to all clients both domestically and internationally.
Many countries in Asia are developing economies and shares many similarities with Thailand. YLG chooses some countries in Asia as our first full-functioning service branches outside Thailand. We have already incorporated branch in Singapore.
YLG Bullion Singapore Pte. Ltd. was established in 2012 and strategically located in the region with relatively high potential of gold demand and supplies opportunities around the region region as Singapore is a gold hub. YLG intends to make gold trading easy and safe for investors.